Digital printing
Individual, efficient and low-cost enclosure design.

Digital printing allows creative enclosure design starting from one piece.

Your advantages:

  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Low-cost
  • For metal and plastic products

Specification Digital printing

To achieve an optimal result, please note the requirements in the PDF file Specification for Digital Printing (apra-plast) resp. Specification for Digital Priting (apra-norm).

The new printing system is based on a solid matter direct printer or a UV-LED direct printer and enables high-quality multicolour printing. The printing according to individual specifications of the customer is done in any number of colours and is transferred directly from the file to the product. Finest lines and smallest fonts can be reproduced with sharp contours. In addition, the colours have a high durability against light, heat, cold, chemicals and other environmental influences.

Digital printing is particularly suitable for individual pieces and small series, but it is also used for large series and offers great advantages over screen printing.

Additional services and possibilities

In addition to digital and screen printing, the apra group offers further services to design your individual surface:

• Refurbishing of customer-specific logos
• Pad printing
• Membrane keyboard
• Decoration foil
• Engraving

If you want a coloured surface, your product can be designed in an individual colour scheme. This is done either by powder coating (Mehren and Chemnitz sites) or by wet painting (Mehren and Pützborn sites). An EMC coating with conductive varnish is also possible.

For information on our stock colours, see our data sheet – and please don’t hesitate to contact us.