Front panels and partial front panels from apra-norm, the 19″ specialists!

The term “front panel” appears in the 19 inch standard (also 19″ standard) as level 1 in the housing technology and serves to cover or clad the electronics, which is installed in subracks, plug-in units and housings. The front panel gives the housing its “image “, making it an essential design element of the entire device. Of course, these panels can also be used as the rear panel of the housing, e.g. as a labeled connection panel. Therefore, special attention should always be paid to the design. In addition to a good appearance, clarity and user-friendliness also play a role. Demanding users from different industries (audio, video, broadcast, media technology, measurement technology, control centre technology, automation, control technology, etc..) can make different demands on front panels and their materials (aluminium) and surfaces depending on the function (measuring, controlling, regulating, displaying, monitoring, adjusting, etc.). Apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH can optimally support you in this task by offering many design and processing possibilities as well as material (steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic) and surface variants (powder coating in different colours, galvanized, anodized, chromated and many more).

Of course you can design front panels with your own software or your own drawing program and make the data available to us digitally in the exchange formats e.g. as IGES, STEP, dxf, dwg, or pdf file for the mechanics and e.g. as pdf, ai, fh or cdr data for printing by screen printing or digital printing. Apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH will make you an offer based on your inquiry. After receipt of your order, the complete processing, including printing and surface technology such as painting and powder coating is carried out in-house – without detours via third party service providers.