TMR is the private telecommunications service provider from Bochum and works with the latest fibre optic technology to guarantee a secure and efficient transmission of data. TMR operates data centers with more than 2,000 square meters of space at two separate locations in Bochum and Herne. In addition to the rental of data center space, TMR offers complete and half racks as well as individual or customized cages.

The security and availability of the hardware and especially of the business-critical data have the highest priority. The permanent monitoring of the data centers, all IT structures and, if desired, also of the customer’s systems ensures trouble-free operation. In cooperation with TMR, a tailor-made “colocation” version of the NETcell cabinet system was developed for the new data center.

The basis of the system is the 750 mm wide and 1200 mm deep NETcell Rack, which offers cable routing on one side over the complete height of 2200 mm. The advantage of this rack is its flexibility. With increasing demand, two 22 U colocation racks can be combined to a complete 46 U cabinet. Also a dismantling of 46 U on the colocation racks (2 x 22 U) is possible. In this way, the data center operator can easily react to changing tenant requirements and offer a suitable solution for every need.

Cable management is one of the most concise points in the Netcell cabinet system. The cable duct mounted on the side above the complete height of the cabinet makes cable laying easy and clear. In addition, it offers space for the power supply in the form of PDUs (A+B supply), which have been specially designed for this project. The optimum illumination of the cold aisle is ensured by LED panels, which are integrated into the enclosure’s corridor cover and can be easily removed for maintenance purposes by means of quick-release fasteners.

In the entrance area of the enclosure, a swing door provides optimum access that can be opened in both directions (180° opening outwards) and as an escape door ensures personal protection in hazardous situations. The self-closing hinges of the swing door ensure the greatest possible efficiency of the cold aisle and, in contrast to permanently installed sliding doors, guarantee trouble-free pressure compensation in the event of an extinguishing process.

apraNET uses the synergies of the apra group of companies, which has been manufacturing enclosures and cabinets for more than 45 years – Made in Germany – on the basis of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

Our team provides competent advice on site and reliably accompanies the customer throughout the entire project: from the flexible implementation of individual wishes in the planning phase, through delivery to final assembly on the data center area and after-sales service.

For TMR’s IT managers, this was a prerequisite and ultimately a decisive argument for the further expansion of the data center area with apraNET products.