19 "cage nut M5

Our new cage nut M5 is designed to make mounting of 19”components faster and tool-free. This galvanized steel nut, encased in a black plastic housing fits in the standard cuts out of 9.5 x 9.5 mm. Different to the standard cage nut, it can be simply inserted from the front. This saves time and is far less complicated then inserting from the back. Thanks to the special snap-in mechanism it is very stable and can’t be lost, but it can also be removed at any time quickly by unlocking it.

This new type of simple insertion speeds up and considerably simplifies the mounting process. The 19” cage nut fastens secure and stable, however it can be replaced quickly and easily if necessary.

• fast & tool-free installation
• stable – thanks to the snap-in mechanism
• removable by unlocking