Obudowy panelowe (tablicowe) z serii 445/441

The apra-norm enclosure series 445/441 is suited perfectly for analog and digital controls and displays for temperature, time or counters. Internal grooves for PCBs ensure the quick and flexible mounting of electronics. The sturdy enclosures can be supplemented with useful accessories such as sealings or transparent doors. We can adjust the depth of our standard enclosures to your specific needs. With your tool inserts we will only produce your enclosures/panels – individuality will be granted.

To gain interference immunity or prevent radiation from interfering transmissions, it is usually necessary to cover these devices with a conductive enclosure. This can be done either with a metal enclosure or by applying a conductive metal coating to a plastic enclosure, which, as a rule, is nonconductive. apra-norm uses a high-quality conductive lacquer that offers excellent conductivity, outstanding resistance to corrosion and an impressive cost-performance ratio, since the use of costly devices and equipment is not needed.


  • internal grooves for PCBs
  • quick and flexible mounting of electronics
  • front frame can be snapped on easily
  • made of glass fibre reinforced PPE/PS-GF20
  • preparation of specific tool inserts
  • custom cut-outs
  • embossed lettering
  • guaranteed individuality
  • conductive enclosure for interference immunity
  • resistance to corrosion
  • good value for money

They are the secret stars of industrial production: standardised enclosures. They are used in almost every control panel in a variety of sizes and depths.

With front panel or filter screen, with transparent cover or lockable – every year more than a million of different enclosures are supplied by apra all over the world. The midsized company does not only offer the largest variety on the market but also guarantees 24h availability with its most modern logistics. Accessories range from transparent doors, fixing clamps, filter screens and cover panels to front and rear panels.

State-of-the-art CNC milling machines enable us to implement your requirements cost-effectively: Openings, drillings, ventilation slits… just as you wish! The inscription of the individually designed rear panels or front panels is carried out according to your wishes and the conditions in screen, pad or digital printing.
Ask us – we will advise you!

apra-norm also offers keypad foils for an easy use of electronic components. These keypads of elegant design guarantee a perfect port between human being and machinery. The front panel download is another servicewe offer: here front panels may be individually designed and modified at least efforts.  Just download  the CAD file of the requested front panel size and sketch in cut-outs, embossings, etc. and return via mail or CD to apra-norm. This new full-service package simplifies treatment of enquiries and orders – apra-norm takes care of everything from the individual design up to an express delivery service. Many possibilities of customisation like milling, embossing and silk screening can be done on request.

Zeichnungen im DXF-Format