Added functionality and aesthetics
Foil technology

Individual front foils and membrane keyboards complement the design of your product aesthetically and functionally in an optimal way. Foil technology is often used for the input of information in electronically controlled devices. We offer you the full range of products, from decorative films to front foils and membrane keyboards. The membrane keyboards can be equipped with button empossing, printing in screen and digital printing, coloured filters for EMC shielding, integrated LEDs, singe / multicolour slide-in pockets for individual labeling strips and various plug connections for ZIF, NonZIF or crimpflex. With the help of the intarsia milling technology we evenly insert control panels, front foils or membrane keyboards.


  • customized foils
  • decorative foil
  • front foils for the use of short- or long-stroke keys
  • membrane keyboards with different options
  • evenly insert control panels, front foils etc. with the intarsia milling technology