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NETcell is the tailor-made suit among apra’s 19″ cabinet systems. Individually configurable and easily expandable, it can be adapted to almost any requirement. For example, the combination of a basic and a bayed system enables an especially flexible, space-saving design. The system is particularly convincing due to its unique, large-volume cable management system. Despite the design as an open rack, the NETcell system can be completely bulkheaded and enclosed in rows of cabinets, so that a highly efficient air conditioning is implemented.

NETcell was awarded with the prize of IT innovation in 2016


  • fully demountable
  • individually configurable
  • basic system with integrated cable ducts, deep traverses and 19″-extension
  • cable ducts for large volume routing of data and power cables
  • energy-efficient air conditioning by using the housing components
  • suitable for heavy-loads

More than just modular

In addition to its modular design, complete disassembly and versatile configuration options with different cabinet depths, the NETcell cabinet system also stands out because of its high stability. Due to the installation of servers and a high volume of power and data cables, server racks and network cabinets, especially in data centers, must be able to cope with heavy-duty applications. With a static payload of up to 1500 kg, the NETcell is ideally equipped. In addition, customer-specific colocation solutions can also be implemented.

Saving energy costs? NETcell!

For the use in data centers, apra also offers a complete cold/warm aisle containment for the NETcell cabinet system. Today, most data centers are built according to the classic cold and hot aisle principle. Mixing the warm air with the cold air means that the cold air from air-conditioning systems cannot be used to optimum effect. This means a considerable increase in energy costs. Cold aisle containment separates the cold aisle from the hot aisle in order to prevent impairment of the cooling capacity. In this way, energy costs for refrigeration can be reduced by up to 30%. For the modular construction of the cold aisle housing roof elements with ESG glass panels or LED light modules, manual and automatic sliding door systems (two-parts) with ESG glass panels and further accessories are available.

Ask us about customized NETcell solutions for your data center. We are happy to advise you.