Obudowy z serii norm-case 448

In our “norm-case 448” the non-reflecting filter screen as well as the front panel can be clipped on for accurate fitting. An integrated PCB cover can be found on the rear panel and there is space where a second PCB can be added. Besides an integrated p.c. board adjustment and a rear p.c. board cover an additional board may be mounted. The panel instrument enclosures can be mounted in rows horizontally or vertically. All enclosures and accessories may be completely recycled as they are mono-materials and no metal inserts are used. Panel instrument enclosures of the series are available in several dimensions.


  • non-reflecting filter screen and front panel can be clipped on for accurate fitting
  • integrated PCB cover on the rear panel, space for a second PCB
  • quick mount via plastic clips that lock into place
  • stackable both horizontally and vertically (e.g. in a grid system)
  • currently available in 96 x 48 mm, 96 x 24 mm, 72 x 24 mm, 72 x 36 mm and 48 x 24 mm
  • case and accessories can be recycled
  • protection system of IP 52 between enclosure and front panel