Injection molding

When a precise and economic mass manufacturing of individual plastic parts is required, injection molding processes are especially suitable. On the basis of long time experience, apra develops and produces customized plastic parts supported by CAD/CAM-systems. The tool design and construction is done in-house. Using our highly automated injection molding machines enables us to produce parts in different materials and colours.

Complementary to the customized injection molding, we offer an extensive range of standard parts like panel- and DIN rail housings. These can also be modified.


  • individual plastic parts
  • production of higher quantities
  • precise and highly automated manufacturing
  • supported by CAD-/CAM-systems
  • production of parts with a shot weight from 0.5 up to 700 g
  • different materials and colours
  • standard parts can be modified
  • reduction of tool costs when we can use existing tool systems / principal forms