TFT display enclosure

They are smaller, more economical, attractive and offer a better quality – TFT displays run for triumphal procession in industrial operation.

The apraTFT products seize this trend and offer a modular construction system which enables the customers to choose an optimal solution for their needs. The TFT display enclosure protects your sensitive TFT and LCD displays from the dangers of rough industrial environments, such as dust, splash water or mechanical attacks. The modular constrcution allows numerous application areas, e.g. as a desktop enclosure, wall enclosure or for the installation on a hinged arm system. The enclosure is suitable for all commercial TFT displays. It is used for data acquisition, sequence and machinery control systems as well as for interactive information of visitors and employees. We develop custom solutions for your personal requirements, made out of different materials and with the appropriate surface finish.


  • suitable for all commercial TFT displays
  • protection from the dangers of rough industrial environments
  • modular constrcution
  • numerous application areas
  • various materials and surface finishes