Anything but superficial!

Thermoforming or deep drawing of thermoplastic semi-finished products completes apras’ production program and expands the possibilities of plastics processing by another dimension. This allows plastic products to be produced with virtually any design of free-form surfaces. Visible joints and dirty edges are eliminated and requirements such as the density of individual plastic components are guaranteed. Customer-specific products range from classic thermoformed parts such as tubs, containers, hoods, shells, covers, cladding parts and decorative panels to individual design elements, housing components and technical components with threaded inserts, spacer domes or other technical elements.

The unique selling proposition of apra is characterized by the combination of numerous plastic processing techniques, which far excees the possibilities of classic deep-drawn parts. In-house know-how in sheet metal processing and surface refinement enable a combined product solution of sheet metal and plastic with an attractive appearance. Ask us about our extensive possibilities. We will be pleased to advise you.


  • production of plastic products with virtually any design of free-form surfaces
  • customized
  • combined product solution of sheet metal and plastic possible
  • attractive appearance
  • no minimum material quantities
  • small and large production quantities
  • flexible tool production according to quantity and quality requirements
  • combination with other manufacturing technologies possible