For prototypes, pilot and small series...
Vacuum casting SYNPRO

The SYNPRO Vacuum casting technology is a particularly economical process for the production of prototypes and pre-series or small series. With SYNPRO, we realize even minimum batch sizes without high tooling costs, in the desired design and “just in time”. Our special SYNPRO vacuum casting technology is particularly suitable for the production of plastic parts with special requirements and for the recasting of components. Different materials that can be combined with each other provide additional design flexibility.

We develop 3D design proposals or 3D constructions for you according to your ideas and produce an individual master model. For this, we use our modern 3D printing processes. The casting mold is created by pouring silicone onto the finished master cast. The mold cavity is then filled with casting resin under vacuum. The materials that are used have a wide variety of properties such as shore hardness, temperature resistance, impact resistance, fire performance and a wide range of approvals (FDA, etc.).

There are almost unlimited options for the colouring of all materials including the possibility of transparent variants. All sprues, separation points and material residues are carefully removed during reworking. Subsequent holes and threads can be inserted without any problems.


  • particularly economical process
  • for prototypes, pilot and small series
  • customized design
  • without high tooling costs
  • “just in time”
  • combination of different materials
  • PU-based 2-component casting resin
  • different colours, transparent variants available
  • subsequent holes and threads can be inserted without any problems