19" obudowa ścienna
VARi 2000

Our 19″-wall-mounted enclosure VARi 2000 is protected by utility patent and it especially appeals because of its individual design. Due to the vertical arrangement of the 19″-frame the VARi 2000 has a low assembly height from the wall and therefore allows a space-saving installation of your network components.

The enclosures with a height of 4 U can be opened on one side by using a glazed door. Types with 6 U or 12 U offer access from two sides because a connected side door can be additionally opened. By doing this the entire rear cabling area can be exposed, which simplifies the installation of your equipment. Even though the front and side door are connected they can be equipped with different locking systems, in order to give them separate access authorizations.


  • appealing and space-saving design
  • full accessibility due to combined opening of front and side door (from 6 U)
  • can be installed in niches
  • separate access authorisations for each door (from 6 U)
  • ventilation can be realised easily
  • various possibilities for cable entry

Illustrative animation movie of VARi 2000: