19" system obudów

The 19″-enclosure system Vitaro can be installed in less than 60 seconds. On the basis of a special flap-system the single components can be mounted very quickly without any tools or other mounting materials. With just one basic hausing the product offers three different installation options: as a 19″-enclosure with 3/4/6 U, a univerversal enclosure or a wall-mounted enclosure. Thanks to the aluminium-constructon Vitaro is convincing because of its low weight. In addition to its good stackability, this leads to advantages in transport and sorage.


  • universally applicable housing system
  • fast and screwless assembly
  • appealing design
  • light, stackable aluminium construction
  • minimum storage & transport volume
  • integrated handles
  • versatile options in expansion
  • modular accessory
  • protection class IP20

Illustrative animation movie of the Vitaro enclosure design: